Saturday Night




Here is the first single to our new record, "The Time Has Come to Rock & Roll." Go listen to it a million times and drink a million beers, then tell your buddies to do the same thing.


You used to live by the "do or die"
You traded it in for the suit and tie
Now you got money but you actin' shady
What happened to the party? What happened to ya, baby?

You used to roll to the rock show...
You used to live for going loco...

ONE: You did whatever you want.
TWO: You'd never think it through
THREE: You were free and you rock & rolled
You were out on the streets, you were outta control
FOUR: You'd get down on the floor
FIVE: You'd never ask why
SIX: Got your kicks and you felt alright
When you were living everyday like it was Saturday night!

Friends to the end didn't mean so much
I remember when you used to live as fast as us
We're having fun runnin' 'round the city
You always used to take it now you just take it easy.

You used to roll to the rock show...
You used to live for going loco...
Jumping and screaming to the pogo...
But why you grew up I just don't know (And I don't wanna know.)

Do you remember when Saturday nights would last forever?


released January 25, 2013
Written by Sam Allen and Dave Feldman, Performed by Wyldlife
Track produced by Tuk and Engineered by Dan Dixon
Wyldlife copyright 2013.



all rights reserved


WYLDLIFE New York, New York

Four dudes raised by alcoholic wolves.
Fast rhythms and sweet melodies.
Loud mouths.
Leather jackets.
Last spotted without t-shirts.

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