The Time Has Come to Rock & Roll


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released April 16, 2013



all rights reserved


WYLDLIFE New York, New York

Four dudes raised by alcoholic wolves.
Fast rhythms and sweet melodies.
Loud mouths.
Leather jackets.
Last spotted without t-shirts.

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Track Name: The Right!
You gotta lotta nerve to try and gimme advice
You just wanna put me down and gimme sleepless nights
You say you got plenty of warm love left to spare
Your heart’s gone cold, so I’m told so I don’t care

You don’t have the right to say you’re sorry
You don’t have the right saying “It won’t happen again”
You don’t have the right… the right to say
I don’t have the right… the right… of way
If you wanna fight… tonight… s’OK
You gimme fisticuff love you better put ‘em up in front of your face.

You try so hard to get back into my good graces
Showing up at our shows, you wanna go back stage? You must be crazy
You wanna yak yak yak about that past we shared
You oughta call it quits, you and I split and I ain’t splitting hairs.

If I’m black and blue, it’s got nothing to do with you
Uppercut and a quick left jab ‘cause baby, you just don’t have… The Right…
Track Name: Saturday Night
You used to live by the “Do or Die!”
You traded it in for the suit and tie
Now you got money but you’re acting shady
What happened to the party? What happened to ya’, baby?

You used to roll to the rock shows
You used to live for getting loco…

ONE: You did whatever you want
TWO: You’d never think it through
THREE: You were free and you rock and rolled
You were out on the streets, you were outta control.
FOUR: You’d get down on the floor
FIVE: You’d never ask why
SIX: Got your kicks and you felt alright
When you were living everyday like it was Saturday night!

Friends to the end didn’t mean so much
Remember when you used to live as fast as us?
We’re having fun, running ‘round the city
You used to take it now you just take it easy

You used to roll to the rock shows
You used to live for getting loco
Jumping and screaming to the pogo
But why you grew up I just don’t know (and I don’t wanna know)

Do you remember when Saturday nights would last forever?
Track Name: Wasted
Lost my head ‘bout 5 years back
Forget all the real world I’m through with that

Tonight I’m talking louder than I should
I can’t remember half of the things I took
I wouldn’t change one thing even if I could…

I’ve been drunk from the absence of stars
I’ve been high from the horns of the passing cars
I couldn’t even tell my left from right from wrong
I’ve been stoned from the lick of my leather
Plastered like a bastard who don’t know any better
I’ve been wasted… so wasted…
I’ve been wasted in this city for so long

Terrified of the 9 to 5
We all wanna live not just survive
We’re dedicated to misbehave
We can sleep it off when we’re in the grave

Tonight it doesn’t matter what comes next
The sun’s coming up but we ain’t done yet
You better realize it’s as good as it gets

Tonight I got nothing left to say
If you can’t move around then move out my way
‘Cause we ain’t got tomorrow, we’re gonna have to take it today
Track Name: Sonofabitch
And when I came to I was lying facedown in my living room
I had a necklace made of scars and a suicide note like a Xmas card
I ran to my window on top of 286
I heard all their broken words I read all their empty lips.

So where were you when I was gasping out for air?
You was right behind me kicking out my chair
You’re such a parasite you stood and watched me die
But I know you just can’t help yourself you son of a bitch.

You tried to cash in my chips but all bets were off
Now you hanging ‘round I got the noose wound round all your thoughts
You didn’t realize or you just didn’t expect
I ain’t got a new lease on life I just made real good friends with death

So where were you when I was gasping out for breath?
You was right beside me standing on my neck
You’re such a parasite you stood and you watched me die
But I know you just can’t help yourself you son of a bitch.
Track Name: Guardian Angels
It’s like an old-time Western by Sergio Leone
It’s the only thing that you ever known
And your favorite song is the blood on the walls
And the wind mixed with the crack of the bone
Like a tumble-weed you roll out on the streets
Out from the shadows looking so humble
Tonight around 4, meet at the liquor store
All the kids are getting ready to rumble

Dressed in black from your motorcycle jacket
Down to your leather boots
You got one chance to dance with death give it your best
‘Cause you ain’t got nothing to lose
With the big beat you get knoked off your feet
Your pretty face connects with the pavement
So quick you react no you never lookin’ back
The devil’s got your soul on down payment.

Don’t you wish that you could live?
Someday you’re gonna die
Can’t you see that it ain’t on me?
I ain’t got guardian angels on my side
And this life… it cuts like a knife
Don’t ever let it tear you apart
You’ll go on just as so long
As you got rock and roll in your heart

You walk down the boulevard
The red and blue lights and sirens scream
You glimpse at the factories
The smoke billows up so serene
So proud you see the shiners in your eyes
It’s a look you won’t soon forget
Like you was playing Lucifer in Russian Roulette
He’s playing for keeps so c’mon, place your bet.
Track Name: Trash
Some nights I feel like I’m going numb
Everyone looking for something but I don’t want none
Of the girls trying to meet up in the back room
They’re just doing cocaine in the bathroom
Bottom shelved like the drink in my hand
Just another case of “Here we go again”
I got no place better to go… I stir my drink and sip it slow.

A girl I used to see comes walking past
With a short miniskirt thinking she’s so flash…

She’s just trash! She’s just trash! She’s just trash!
And she’s another man’s treasure now.

I hear her down at the other end
Of the bar spewing lies like “We used to be friends”
I guess I had no heart worth stealing
Something’s going on can you feel it?
1:45 and she’s calling my number
I’ll make it out one way or the other
‘Cause she moves like a roadmap
I wish she’d settle on down for a dirtnap

She tries so hard to be queen bee
But she’s cheap like a dollar store figurine…

She used to hold me down now she’s hanging around
With another poor fellow in this two-bit town
I’m just glad that she’s another man’s treasure now
And another man’s problem…
Track Name: Cowboys and Slutz
Christina’s still wasted from the party last night
The bruises on her knees say she had a good time
And her nose is bleeding in the back of the bus
But she’ll be driving when she’s 16 in a couple of months

The school bell’s ringing… Teacher’s calling roll
Christina’s going through her bag looking for birth control

She’s got nothing but cruel intentions
She’s got no time for afterschool detention
She smells like cigarettes, hard drugs and bathroom sex
As fast as she can get: Teenage Degenerate.

For the other kids at school it’s just no wonder at all
2 sets of legs, one with fishnets in the boys room stall
She’ll be dead by 20 and it ain’t no surprise
She’s got track marks crawling up her arms and atop her thighs

She ain’t got no class… She ain’t got no taste
But when it comes to getting wasted, she ain’t got time to waste!
Track Name: Suspicion
I heard your car pulling up last night…
Felt you stumble into bed
I tried to kiss you on the mouth goodnight…
You didn’t hear a word I said
Something strange is going ‘round…
You said you were with your friends downtown
I’m thinking something else entirely…
I got suspicion creeping inside of me.
With your face dolled up and your skirt rolled high
I ain’t getting enough and I’m wondering why
You smell like new cologne but that’s not my scent
When you’re late getting home why are you covered in sweat?

Where you going, baby? Where you going now?
Where you been at lately? Why are you going out?
Where were you off to last night? Where are you off to now?
Where were you off to last night?
Whose heart are you breaking now?

You got me looking all over the house…
Searching for clues in the neighborhood
Wondering if you was getting down
Or just up to no good
I got my ear to the sidewalk
Listening to signs of the small talk
I know you’re sending me shivers
Gotta know if you would sell me up the river.

Where you going, baby? You’re going out my door…
Where you been at lately? You keep going back for more
Track Name: The First Time's the Worst
Mom and Dad are downstairs in their armchairs
Watching television at 8
They don’t hear her talking to her mirror
Regretting decisions she’s made

It all gets lost on me how her varsity
Could be so cruel
If he don’t wanna call her back I say to hell with that
He must be a fool

I got my arm around her shoulder trying to hold her
Saying everything will be OK
She can’t quit crying trying to tell me that it wasn’t how
She wanted to give it away…

Veronica, I promise ya’ It will get easier
You just gotta give it some time so be cool
The first time’s the worst then afterwards
You’ll learn all the rules

Skipping pretense, they’re hopping her fence
I’m not metaphorically speaking
Fingers to her lips now, but they’re gonna find out
A secret so worth keeping

Stood up cheap dates & mascara stains
Form the shape of a broken heart
So hidden from plain view, so late after curfew
So far past 11 o’clock.
Track Name: Out on the Run
There’s the smell of porcelain
Time to pick myself off the floor again
And if you tell me to get lost I will/Anyway I could never keep still
I’m always fully loaded with no time to kill
And maybe I’m wreckless as they say
Maybe you ignored the warning signs
I got nothing of my own but I’m on my way
Can’t stand standing ‘round all the time…

And I don’t need your judge and jury
I gotta move along ‘cause I’m in a hurry
It’s the backroads where I belong
Moving on with the rising sun
I’ve been down… I’ve been out…
I’m out on the run

There’s the look from the naysayers
Wasting all their time with cheap prayers
Anyway I never believed in hope
My whole life’s been walking a tightrope
And maybe I’m nothing but heartache
Maybe that’s all you know how to feel
I always said that life’s too short
But at least she’s wearing high heels

Out on the run through the city with a bottle of bum wine
Down through the country beneath Atlanta’s skyline
Go anywhere my feet will take me to
I never said goodbye I’m only passing through
I never said goodbye I’m only passing through…